Introducing the Restube

With the open water ahead of us this summer, you might consider the RESTUBE…


RESTUBE is perfect for leisure and professional swimmers, children or to help others out.

Leisure swimming in the lake, in your holidays or while training for a competition… there is alsways the risk of a cramp, panic or even sudden drowning. That is where RESTUBE sets in to help you out: the handy, inflatable buoy is always by your side and makes your time in the water more relaxing and fun.

The technical commission of the German Triathletic Union (DTU) states that RESTUBE is a reasonable support for open water swimmers- not only for competitions, but for the practice aswell.

Stay relaxed:

  • when the shore seems too far away
  • while swimming alone
  • strong currents and big waves
  • fatigue accidents like cramps
  • and many more

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